Maidenhead Scottish Dancing Club

Maidenhead Scottish Dancing Club


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Maidenhead Dance of the Month       (Click for Crib/Video)
February 2024 Deer Friends
December 2023 Balmoral Castle
November 2023 Chased Lovers
October 2023 Something in the Air
September 2023 The Queen's View
May 2023 Orwell Lodge Strathspey
April 2023 On Suilven in Summer
March 2023 Lochnagar
February 2023 Plantation Reel
December 2022 The Gentleman
November 2022 Milton's Welcome
October 2022 Bratach Bana
September 2022 Links with St Petersburg
May 2022 J.B. Milne
April 2022 The Compleat Gardener
March 2022 The Irish Rover
February 2022 Napier's Index
January 2022 Mairi's Wedding
May 2020 Paisley Weavers              Click here for crib and video
April 2020 Follow Me Home              Click here for crib and video
March 2020 Torridon Lassies              Click here for crib and video
February 2020 The Bees of Maggieknockater              Click here for crib and video
December 2019 The Robertson Rant              Click here for crib and video
November 2019 The Blue-Eyed Lassie              Click here for crib and video
October 2019 The Earl of Mansfield              Click here for crib and video
May 2019 Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek              Click here for crib and video
April 2019 City Lights                         Click here for crib and video
March 2019 Slytherin House                         Click here for crib and video
February 2019 Schiehallion                         Click here for crib and video
January 2019 The Bon Viveur                         Click here for video
December 2018 Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich    Cick here for video
November 2018 Recumbment Stone                  Click here for video
October 2018 The Aviator                                  Click here for video
September 2018 Trip to Timber Ridge        
May 2018 My Heather Hills                          Click here for video
April 2018 The Chequered Court                 Click here for video
February/March 2018 51st  Travellers                             Click here for video
January 2018 Braes of Strathlene
November 2017 Muirland Willie
October 2017 The Dancing Piper
September 2017 The Reids o' Moneymusk
May 2017 Les Remparts de Seville
April 2017 Deer Friends
March 2017 Father Connelly's Jig
February 2017 Shadow
November 2016 Mathilde Is a Delight
October 2016  The Spring Fling Reel
September 2016 The Library of Birmingham
May 2016 Midsummer Common
April 2016 The Ruby Rant
March 2016 The Happy Weasel
February 2016 Whistlin' in the Kitchen
January 2016 The First Rain of Spring
December 2015 Nottingham Lace
November 2015 Purple Heather Jig
October 2015 Miss Eleanor
September 2015 The Glengarry Homestead
May 2015 The Tri-Mariner
April 2015 Karin's Strathspey
March 2015 Blooms of Bon Accord
February 2015 The Compleat Gardner
January 2015 Rodney's Rant
November 2014 The Whisky Line Strathspey
October 2014 Bratach Bana
September 2014 The Irish Rover
May 2014 A Capital Jig
April 2014 The Peterhead Express
March 2014 Earl of Errol's Reel
February 2014 Burnaby at Forty
January 2014 The Barmaid
December 2013 Rodney's Rant
November 2013 Mist O'er The Loch
October 2013 Gavin's Reel
September 2013 The Meeting of the Waters
May 2013 Mrs. Milne of Kinneff
April 2013 The Craven Twelvesome
March 2013 The Phantom Piper
February 2013 Cobham Trees
January 2013 Whigmaleeries
November 2012 Angus MacLeod
October 2012 Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord
September 2012 A Trip to Windsor
May 2012 The Wild Goose Chase
April 2012 Nottingham Lace
March 2012 Berkhamstead Castle
February 2012 Father Connelly's Jig
January 2012 Barbara's Strathspey
November 2011 My Heather Hills
October 2011 The Saltire Society Reel
September 2011 A Gin & Tonic
May 2011 The Missing Turn
April 2011 Links with St Petersburg
March 2011 Gardeners Fantasia
February 2011 Peggy's Strathspey
January 2011 Findlater Castle
November 2010 The Queen's View
October 2010 Royal Deeside
September 2010 Whistlin' in the Kitchen
May 2010 Bees of Maggieknockater
April 2010 Sands of Morar
March 2010 City of Belfast
February 2010 Gang the Same Gate
January 2010 None So Pretty
November 2009 Caddam Wood
October 2009 A Flock of Geese
September 2009 Bratach Bana
April 2009 Foxhill Court
March 2009 The Hazel Tree
February 2009 Findlater Castle
January 2009 The Dancing Master
September 2008 The Rakish Highlandman
May 2008 Kelloholm Jig
April 2008 Fugal Fergus
March 2008 Dunblane Drummer
February 2008 Schiehallion
January 2008 The Flying Spur
November 2007 Alison Rose
October 2007 The Nurseryman
September 2007 Lady Mary Menzies' Reel
March 2007 Jean Martin of Aberdeen
February 2007

James Gray

January 2007

Mr Iain Stuart Robertson

November 2006

The Chequered Court

October 2006

Lady Sophia Lindsay
September 2006 Epping Hundred
May 2006 The Dreamcatcher
April 2006 The Spiffin
March 2006 The Lochalsh Reel
February 2006 The Immigrant Lass
January 2006 The Piper and the Penguin
November 2005 John of Bon Accord
October 2005 Irish Rover
September 2005 Festival Fling
May 2005 Last of the Lairds
March 2005 Silver Strathspey
February 2005 Cuckoo Clock
January 2005 Blackwater Reel
November 2004 Midnight Oil
October 2004 Recumbent Stone
September 2004 Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich